My son is addicted to drugs

It can be a jarring and frightening time if you suspect or find out your child is using drugs or alcohol. Behavioral Health Treatment · Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other. While they may relapse multiple times or never relapse again, addiction is still a disease they’ll continue to fight, potentially for the rest of their lives. Addicts appreciate someone who’s on their side and recognize the extent to which the disease afflicts them.

However, today that gender gap continues to close, especially in adolescents. Ask us what you can do during and after treatment to continue to support your son and hold him accountable.

What do you do if someone is addicted to drugs?

American Addiction Centers accepts many insurance plans and can work with you on a manageable payment plan. Shaming or criticizing a family member who is struggling with an Alcohol Addiction or an Opioid Addiction is often counterproductive to their Recovery. Continue supporting their participation in ongoing care, meetings and participate in support groups for families of addicts. Encouraging your loved one that seeking some form of professional help for addiction is a positive step towards recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can put them on the path towards a sober life.

Although this isn’t easy to do, it’s a critical first step in helping them achieve a healthy and happy life in recovery. So, if you want to know how to help someone with an addiction, allow them to make mistakes without the promise of your rescue.

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